Is it possible to cheat a bookmaker's office?

Control of gambling accounts

Many big bookmaker's offices Рarimatch bet employ IT specialists, even entire departments! The purpose of these employees is to get the most information about the players, as well as about their bets. Experienced IT-specialists are constantly "following" the players, who have several active gambling accounts (i.e. using the so-called "multi-accounting"), in order to bet large sums of money to bypass the existing restrictions. Bookmakers quickly and harshly deal with such offenders, as they know exactly where each bet was made from. The office easily tracks betting patterns and checks registered customers' home addresses using Google services. Today, the same user will no longer be able to have a whole bunch of accounts under different names in order to place several allowable maximums on the selected event.

Regular cutting of limits

The analysts of bookmaker's offices now monitor the odds much less, but analyze in detail the actions of customers who raise certain suspicions. Approximately once a month, they hold special meetings, where they scrupulously examine the data about the top one hundred players who have the largest turnovers, who win or lose much more than others. These players are subjected to a special classification. Betting limits will be significantly cut to anyone who, in the opinion of analysts, is a "fork", has an advantage over the line, uses the advice of professional cappers, or has a narrow specialization.

For a modern bookmaker it is much easier to cut betting limits for "scorers" and other suspiciously lucky players than to competently set odds on events. That is why analysts are more engaged in analyzing the actions of gamblers than in studying the sports presented in the line.

Promotion of games with the highest margin

Bookmakers for the most part promote games with high margins and also attract players to actively bet in them. Roughly speaking, a bookmaker without much thought will pay a tidy sum to the developers of another online roulette game, instead of keeping a staff of analysts. The calculation is simple: smart players who make a living from betting are, by definition, unprofitable for the bookmaker's office. But the payout percentage of slot machines already includes a guaranteed profit. Why risk profit when license fees and all sorts of taxes already eat up a considerable part of it?